Knock Knee Surgery Cost

Knock Knee Surgery Cost
Knock Knee Surgery Cost

Knock knees, also known as genu valgum, is a common ailment in which the legs bend inward and the knees contact while standing erect. While knock knees may not cause pain or discomfort, they may induce gait irregularities and an increased risk of knee injury in severe instances. In such circumstances, surgery to realign the legs may be needed. This post will go over knock knee surgery cost and the elements that influence it.

How Much Does Knock Knee Surgery Cost?

Knock knee surgery cost varies greatly based on the kind of surgery, the surgeon’s skill, and the location of the surgery. On average, the cost might vary from $10,000 to $30,000. However, this is just an estimate; the real cost may be greater or cheaper depending on the circumstances.

Knock Knee Surgery Average Cost (in USD)

ProcedureAverage Cost
Osteotomy$15,000 – $20,000
Hinged external fixator$12,000 – $18,000
Tension band wiring$10,000 – $15,000
Plate and screw fixation$20,000 – $30,000
Total knee replacement$35,000 – $50,000
Average Knock Knee Surgery Cost by Procedure (in USD)

Factors Affecting Knock Knee Surgery Cost

Type of knock knee surgery: The type of knock knee surgery performed to repair knock knees may have a substantial influence on the cost. The osteotomy is the most frequent knock knee surgery, in which the shinbone (tibia) is sliced and repositioned to rectify the leg angle. Another kind of knock knee surgery, known as a hinged external fixator, uses an external device to realign the legs. The kind of knock knee surgery selected will influence the knock knee surgery cost.

Surgeon Experience: The experience and competence of the surgeon doing the knock knee surgery might also influence the cost of knock knee surgery. Surgeons with greater expertise and competence often demand a higher fee for their services.

The cost of healthcare varies greatly depending on where the surgery is performed. In general, medical knock knee surgery costs more in cities than in rural places.

Insurance Coverage: Most health insurance plans cover knock knee surgery cost if it is deemed medically necessary. However, depending on the exact plan and the individual’s coverage, the amount covered by insurance might vary greatly. It is critical to verify with your insurance carrier to establish the level of coverage for this knock knee surgery.

Ancillary Expenses: In addition to the knock knee surgery cost, there may be additional charges related with knock knee surgery, such as hospitalization fees, rehabilitation costs, and the cost of any required medical equipment.

Knock Knee Surgery Cost With Insurance

If knock knee surgery is declared medically necessary, most insurance companies will pay the knock knee surgery cost. The amount covered by insurance, however, varies based on the exact plan and coverage.

Knock Knee Surgery Cost With Insurance
Knock Knee Surgery Cost With Insurance

How to Minimize Knock Knee Surgery Cost

Shop Around: It is important to shop around in order to evaluate the expenses of various surgeons and medical facilities. By conducting some research and comparing pricing, you may be able to locate a more cheap choice.

Inquire About Payment Options: Some surgeons and medical institutions offer payment plans that might make the knock knee surgery more affordable.

Check with Insurance: As previously said, it is critical to check with your insurance carrier to understand the degree of coverage for knock knee surgery. If the cost is covered by insurance, it may greatly minimize out-of-pocket spending.


Knock knee surgery might be costly, but it is a crucial knock knee surgery for those who have severe knock knees. You can make educated judgments about your treatment options if you understand knock knee surgery cost and the elements that influence it. If you are contemplating knock knee surgery, it is critical that you deal with a knowledgeable and experienced physician and thoroughly examine all of the expenses involved.

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